Fidget Tangels assorted colors
Fidget Tangels assorted colors €0,99 €1,39

Fidget Tangels assorted colors

€1,39 €0,99
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Tangles are an ideal therapeutic means to reduce tension and stress. People who are quickly fiddling with their clothes, clicking with their pen or tapping the table can meet their movement needs with this tangle.

The Classic Tangles have a smooth texture and come in various cheerful colors.

A few features:

- Increasing concentration for every age (listening and still working with your hands)
- The aid for eg ADHD and Autism
- Good exercise for "stiff hands" & strengthens hand muscles
- Anti-stress agent for young and old
- Good reason to play / spin with the Tangle instead of smoking!
- Tangle helps improve fine motor skills & coordination
- Tangle promotes both the visual and tactile senses

Tangles are based on the concept of infinity and continuous movement.

The magic in the movement that you feel when playing with a Tangle is truly therapeutic and calming to the soul. Once you have a Tangle in your hand, you cannot put it away.
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